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About me

I’m Ernesto García, I’m from Cuba, and I work developing software at Continuum in Chile. You may find me as @gnapse in most online services.

I currently work mostly on web and mobile platforms, with a strong preference for modern dynamic languages, such as Ruby, Javascript, Python and Java. I also enjoy a lot working in unix-like environments, and around the command line and Vim, two places where I feel increasingly at home.

When I’m not there, you’ll probably find me listening to some music, watching a good film, or spending some time with my wife, my family and my friends. And any of those activities is more pleasant when accompanied by a nice meal, some beer or some wine, depending on the mood or the weather.

About this website

This website is developed with jekyll, and hosted using github pages. You can check out the source code here.

The template is developed by me, slightly based on the default layout provided by jekyll, but with a complete redesign of the stylesheets. It features an atom feed, and dedicated stylesheets for mobile and printing media.

Feel free to use the template in your own website, and modify it as you see fit. In case you use it, a link back to this website would be appreciated, but it’s not required.